"Blending the arts with alternative health and wellness"

We here at Amalgam Arts & Wellness are determined to change the way you think about fitness, health, and general wellness. Using the arts (performance, visual, etc.) as a tool for physical and mental health, and bringing in natural and holistic practices, we strive to give you something unique to have in terms of your well-being!

What's Happening?

Sessions Packages!

Amalgam Card: 25% off any combination of 10 group or non-group sessions

Referral Card: When a new comer mentions your name on a Referral Card, you receive the New Comers' Special. 

New Comers' Special: $5 off a group session OR $15 off a private or semiprivate session! Contact Us today!

Rhythm Nation Takes a New Turn!

We have pulled the fun of the Rhythm Nation Dance Series into a once a month Masters Series! Of course, per usual, NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!! We started fresh with Belly Dancing led by Guest Teaching Artist Jezebel Shuvani, moved to West African Dance led by Barbara Barrett, and had a taste of Chinese Dance led by Yin Tang. Now, we continue with Hoofing! Led by Executive Artistic Director Andrea McCormick, Saturday, April 21st at 2:30pm at the Olmsted Community Center. Get ready for some great exploration! Please RSVP on our Contact Us page

Missed a Session? No Worries!

Any group session you may have missed, is available in private and semi-private sessions. Check out our Sessions Page for more information!

Wanted: Teaching Artists

As Amalgam Arts & Wellness continues to grow, we will begin bringing in special guests for our Rhythm Nation series starting in October. Be on the look out for more fun and exciting dance styles! Also, starting in January, we will bring in more elements of art to blend with your personal wellness, such as acting as a therapy, and music as a stress relief. More information to come!


If you or someone you know has an expertise in a genre of dance our Rhythm Nation series has not yet explored (i.e. Irish dance, lyrical, Indian dance, etc.), or you have a therapeutic art form that works with our motto (i.e. music therapy, art therapy, etc.), Contact Us today!

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