Established in January 2017, we here at Amalgam Arts & Wellness are determined to change the way you think about fitness, health, and general wellness. Using the arts (performance, visual, etc.) as a tool for physical and mental health, and bringing in natural and holistic practices (Reiki, etc.), we strive to give you something unique to have in terms of your well-being! To help assist with this, we have begun incorporating no-touch Reiki treatment request to our arts based sessions, in an effort to begin incorporating expressive therapy to our facility.

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What's Happening?

Sessions, Cards, Memberships, Referrals, and Payment Plans

We currently offer sessions in the Japanese holistic treatment of Reiki and in performing arts, and are looking to add visual arts and additional holistic practices in the future, or can be made by special request.


Reiki, Japanese for "universal life energy", is a healing technique where the therapist can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Our various dance sessions primarily include ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary/modern, musical theater, and hip hop, however, other styles such as ballroom, folk dances, and fusions of styles can be arranged by special request.


Our acting sessions are theater acting based, and include pieces of Laban, method, and Chekov. Film acting or other methods of acting can be arranged by special request.


Our music sessions are primarily vocal, using classical, musical theater, and pop music for singing; however, instrumental music such as piano can be arranged by request.


All of our services can be purchased by clicking Book Now to the right of any page. To save you money, we also offer

  • Artist Cards (packages of arts sessions)
  • Wellness Cards (packages of holistic sessions, currently Reiki only)
  • Amalgam Cards (packages that combines arts and holistic sessions)
  • Executive Membership Card (25% off all purchases for a year)
  • Referral Cards (you AND the referred client receive 50% off next purchase)


Note: You can also request a payment plan by Contacting Us about your purchase.

We accept in person cash, check/money order (payable to The McCormick Movement, LLC; returned checks subject to a $35 fee), PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo

Please make payments before the start of your appointment.

*** Sales tax of 8% included in prices listed on website ***


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Wanted: Teaching Artists and Holistic Practitioners

As Amalgam Arts & Wellness continues to grow, we continue to look for teaching artist of all sorts to continue our mission of blending the arts with alternative health and wellness. We want to bring in more elements of art to blend with your personal wellness, such as acting as a therapy, and music as a stress relief.


If you or someone you know has an expertise in an art form (performance, visual, digital), or you have a therapeutic art form or holistic practice that works with our motto (i.e. music therapy, art therapy, yoga, etc.), Contact Us today!