***Note: All sessions are currently held at our new Old Brooklyn location unless otherwise negotiated***

Private and Semi-Private Arts Instruction

We provide instruction in various dance, theatrical acting, and (new!) voice for all ages, and include a no-touch short Reiki treatment request. Whether you would like a private session for an individual, a couple, or to plan a semi-private group sessions with at least people in participation, observers subject to a fee (due to COVID-19, we will cap maximum clients at 9 to continue state mandate of gatherings of 10 people or less), we can help you achieve your artistic goals. Sessions are generally 60 minutes unless otherwise discussed. By Appointment.

  • Private Sessions: $45 
  • Duo/Couples Session: $75 
  • Semi-Private Session: $30 per person (minimum 3 clients in participation)

Reiki Treatments

You can schedule a private Reiki treatment for yourself, your pet, or to cleanse your home. This holistic treatment promotes health and wellness, and is a great asset for physical, mental, and emotional issues. We also offer our semi-private group session of  Reiki and Relaxation; a group session discussing Reiki treatments and benefits, possible stretches and/or relaxing movement, and ending with a 30 minute healing session for all participants (at least 3 people in participation, however, due to COVID-19, we will cap maximum clients at 9 to continue state mandate of gatherings of 10 people or less). All ages are welcome, observers subject to fee. By Appointment.

  • Private Session for $60 
  • Duo/Couples Session for $110
  • Reiki and Relaxation: $30 per person (minimum 3 clients in participation)

Sessions Packages

Artist Card:

  • 5 private art sessions for $200; 10 for $375
  • 5 duo/couple arts sessions for $325; 10 for $675

Wellness Card:

  • Private Reiki session: 5 for $275; 10 for $550
  • Duo/Couple Reiki session: 5 for $525; 10 for $1,000

Amalgam Card:

  • 3 private art sessions AND 2 Reiki sessions (or vice versa; 5 total): $260
  • 5 private art sessions AND 5 Reiki sessions (10 total): $475


Referral Card: When a new comer mentions your name on a Referral Card, you both receive the 50% off your next session! Contact Us today! (With referral only. One [1] session per referral. Cannot be combined with any other discount)

Become a Reiki Practitioner

You can also become a Reiki Practitioner yourself through levels of attunement. Each level unlocks a stronger level of Reiki, and can be administered by anyone from a Reiki Master/Level 3 Reiki Practitioner.By Appointment.

  • Reiki 1, 2, or 3 Attunements for $175 per level ($500 for all 3 in a one time payment)

note: attunements estimate as 3 hour sessions

Attire for Sessions

Generally, attire should be comfortable and have ease of movement (i.e. workout attire). We ask our instructors and practitioners to be hygienic and respectful, and would like our clients to do the same. As long as it is not offensive in imagery or to the senses, we do not have a dress code, so it should be fine! 


Some sessions will require specific attire (i.e. tap shoes for tap dance, form fitting clothing for ballet) and will be specified when you schedule your appointment. If you have further questions about attire, please do not hesitate to ask!