***Note: All sessions are currently held at the Olmsted Community Center unless otherwise negotiated***

Rhythm Nation Dance Series

Rhythm Nation is a dance class series for those who would like to explore the many genres that dance has to offer. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! From newbies to professionals, and everyone in between, Rhythm Nation dives into a different style of dance each month.

  • $15

Reiki and Relaxation

Reiki and Relaxation is a group session of Reiki where we discuss what Reiki is and how it works, provide a demonstration of a Reiki treatment, and then give up to 25 minutes of light meditation and treatment to the group in attendance. Reiki is a holistic treatment used to promote health and wellness. By Appointment.

  • $15

Private and Semi-Private Instruction

We provide instruction in various dance and theatrical acting for all ages. Whether you would like a private session for an individual, a couple, our a semi-private group of up to 10 people, we can help you achieve your artistic goals. Sessions are generally 55 minutes unless otherwise discussed. By Appointment.

  • Private Sessions: $35
  • Couples Session: $30
  • Semi-Private Session: $25 (minimum 3 clients)

Reiki Treatments

You can schedule a private Reiki treatment for yourself, your pet, or to cleanse your home. This holistic treatment promotes health and wellness, and is a great asset for physical, mental, and emotional issues. All ages are welcome. By Appointment.

  • 25 minute Private Session for $30 
  • 55 minute Private Session for $55 
  • 85 minute Private Session for $80

Sessions Packages

• Amalgam Card: any 10 group sessions for $135  

• A&W Card: $25 off when you purchase 10 non-group sessions 


We also have a new comers' special: $5 off a group session or $15 off a private/semiprivate session! Contact Us today!


Become a Reiki Practitioner

You can also become a Reiki Practitioner yourself through levels of attunement. Each level unlocks a stronger level of Reiki, and can be administered by anyone from a Reiki Master/Level 3 Reiki Practitioner.By Appointment.

  • Reiki 1, 2, or 3 Attunements for $160 per level ($450 for all 3 in a one time payment)

note: attunements estimate as 3 hour sessions